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Documents Required
Documents Required

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Different kind of documents are required to verify authenticity of property. Find below the list of main documents which you should verify.

If you are buying a flat in an apartment:

  • Mother deeds
  • Development agreement, if any
  • Memorandum of understanding, if any
  • General power of attorney, if any
  • Memorandum of sharing, if any
  • Approved sanction plan and license
  • Approval from the concerned authority – BDA/BBMP
  • Betterment charges, if any
  • NOC
  • Khata Certificate
  • Khata Extract
  • Tax Paid Receipts
  • Encumbrance certificate

If you are buying property in a private layout:

  • Mother deed
  • Approved layout plan
  • Conversion/Permission order
  • Approval from the concerned authority
  • Betterment charges receipt
  • Khata
  • Tax paid receipts
  • Encumbrance certificate

If you are buying agricultural land:

  • Mother deed
  • Record of rights
  • Hissa tippani
  • Hissa survey
  • Survey settlement akarbandh extract
  • Agricultural pass book
  • Mutation register extract
  • RTC
  • Tax paid receipts
  • Village map

You can ask your seller to provide you all the documents listed above. They must provide supporting documents to verify the authenticity of property they are selling. The document requirement might vary a little bit based on case-to-case basis though.

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Common Myths Regarding Property Verification

  • If property is BDA/BBMP approved, verification is not required – This is the biggest mistake people make. Don’t fall in the false trap and these unsupported claims. The property might be approved by government bodies but can still have legal issues due to land owner’s family problems.
  • If property is developed by Branded builder, verification is not required – If you go through recent cases, there have been multiple instances where big brands have not followed government approved plan which has subsequently caused problems for buyers. Buyers had to go through various pains like losing their electricity connection, not getting NOC from government, paying hefty penalties etc.

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